Directory : Board Of Certification


Dean G McLellan
Chair- Term Expires 2020
Employer: TSSA (Toronto, ON)


Stephanie E Coyne
Vice Chair Term Expires 2020
Employer: TSSA (Toronto, ON)


Carl A McDilda
Term Expires 2020
Employer: EEIS (Bedford, VIRGINIA)


Joseph N McAnulty
Term Expires 2022
Employer: Liberty Experts (, )


Robert D Shepherd
Executive Director
Employer: NAESA International (Mankato , MN )


Michael A Chavez
Term Expires 2021
Employer: Consulting Inspection Associates, LLC (, )


George W Gibson
Employer: George W Gibson & Associates Inc (Sedona, AZ)


Richard Shaffer
Term Expires 2022
Employer: Atlantic Consulting (Annapolis, MD)


Christopher L Shade
Term Expires 2021 TDTF Chair
Employer: State of Ohio (Reynoldsburg, OHIO)


Justin J Flumer
Term Expires 2020
Employer: Delaware Elevator (Salisbury, MD)


Lawrence M Taylor
Term Expires 2021
Employer: Schindler (Austin, TX)